The Must-Have Skincare Product for 2022


From working at home to winding down with a film, It's safe to say most of us spend a lot of time staring at screens - if you’re reading this you are right now! A lot of us are now protecting our sight with blue light glasses, but how can we protect our skin too? 

What is Blue Light?

We're exposed to screens that emit blue light, a colour in the visible light spectrum that's been proven to speed up signs of skin ageing, including hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. With the above being skin concerns that many of us try to combat daily, KELSEY Raspberry Farms’  New MORN TO EVE  concentrate offers global protection to help fortify your skin against damage caused by modern living and the impact of pollution, blue light and free radicals (It is also 100% vegan).

How can I protect my skin from Blue Light Damage?

It's quite simple! Just create a skincare routine that improves the health of your skin, and targets the results from blue light damage through natural ingredients. There is no need to switch up your whole routine, by adding only one product as the final step of your routine will protect, hydrate and firm your skin. Read our key ingredients and how they save your skin below:

  • Fresh water algae extract absorbs high energy visible light, preventing it from reaching the lower layers of the skin, whilst also reinforcing its barrier function. 

  • Raspberry leaf extract is rich in polyphenols that work to fight free radicals and stop them from damaging the skin by neutralising them on impact. 

  • A potent microalgae blend protects skin from stress signals and prevents premature cellular ageing.

  • Our EZ Rubus ID® active not only helps to protect the skin against damage caused by modern living but brings all of these powerhouse ingredients together and drives them deeper into the skin ensuring the final formula is highly bioavailable and able to penetrate much more deeply.

Take preventative measures towards skin damage now, and enjoy a pampering skincare product.
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     For luminous glowing skin.
     Suitable for all skin types.
     Your complexion concern: Loss of glow, skin is lacklustre, congested & uneven. 
     Your skin ambition: A more radiant, refined & even complexion. 

    A highly effective blend of natural extracts and anti-ageing actives help smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, while supporting the complexion against further damage.

    The delicious, serum-like silky texture, veils skin in a revitalising complex leaving it smooth and radiant.

    Our raspberry fruit infusion is a potent source of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which works to gently dissolve dead skin cells and surface impurities that cling to the skin, dulling the complexion. With stronger, glowing, fresh and energised skin revealed, the intensity of hormonal and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is reduced with support from a complex of microalgae, vitamin c and probiotics, helping fortify natural skin barrier function.

    Skin is stronger, more resilient with tone refined, smooth and even, to deliver an enduring luminosity.

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