Meet Our Game Changing Skincare Ingredient

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Dull, dry or damaged skin? Plant-based skincare not giving you the results you crave? Meet the game-changing skincare ingredient in our supercharged concentrates for disillusioned skin.

EZ Rubus ID®, our unique proprietary activated raspberry seed oil, reaches the parts other skincare can’t.

  • Highly bioavailable to the skin
  • Significantly higher antioxidant profile than most other oils and is rich in linoleic acid and vitamin E
  • Mimics the cellular activation process within the body to rapidly nourish and repair
  • Enables free fatty acids and triglycerides to cross cell membranes where others can’t, for maximum results
  • Delivers cosmetic actives in a form that the skin can use, rapidly enhancing results 

As consumers we all want to do our bit, and for many beauty lovers this means switching to vegan and plant based beauty products. So far so good and a choice that many of us make.

But there’s a catch. Many skincare products are made with poorly or non-bio available ingredients that actually reduce their efficacy on the skin, meaning the desired effects can never be achieved. So how can we buy responsibly without compromising product performance?

At KELSEY Raspberry Farms, reducing waste is a key priority for us, but when it comes to our skincare, we’re also passionate about results. That’s why our extraordinary products combine EZ Rubus ID® activated raspberry seed oil with high potency clinically proven actives for maximum availability and maximum improvement to the skin.

Try our powerful concentrates today for extraordinary results tomorrow.

Our concentrates offer a flexible approach to your skincare regime – use them after your favourite cleanser and before moisturiser, add a few drops to your favourite mask, or use them as a final step before bed with your favourite skincare roller as a mini-treatment.



 For luminous glowing skin.
 Suitable for all skin types.
 Your complexion concern: Loss of glow, skin is lacklustre, congested & uneven. 
 Your skin ambition: A more radiant, refined & even complexion. 

A highly effective blend of natural extracts and anti-ageing actives help smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, while supporting the complexion against further damage.

The delicious, serum-like silky texture, veils skin in a revitalising complex leaving it smooth and radiant.

Our raspberry fruit infusion is a potent source of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which works to gently dissolve dead skin cells and surface impurities that cling to the skin, dulling the complexion. With stronger, glowing, fresh and energised skin revealed, the intensity of hormonal and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is reduced with support from a complex of microalgae, vitamin c and probiotics, helping fortify natural skin barrier function.

Skin is stronger, more resilient with tone refined, smooth and even, to deliver an enduring luminosity.

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